For you to master any casino game out there, it is imperative that you know of the basic terminologies used in the game. In blackjack, there is certainly some lingo that you should know about before you can play the game and not look like a complete chump.

This article will serve as your guide to the different terms used in the game of blackjack. Keep in mind that these terms can be used in an online casino or an actual casino. That being said, let’s continue with the article, shall we?

Basic Blackjack Lingo

1) Stand

The stand is where you are satisfied with the cards that you’ve got from the dealer and would like to proceed without doing anything else. When this move is done, the round ends and the game proceeds as usual.

2) Hit

There are times where players are dealt with a bad hand. In an effort to somehow save yourself from the embarrassment of losing to the dealer, you can signal to the dealer to ‘hit’ so that you will be given an additional card that you can choose to replace one of your cards with.

3) Split

There are scenarios where the player can get two cards of the same value. If that is the case, the player can choose to stand and proceed with the game as normal or you can signify to the dealer that you want to split.

The split happens where the cards will be split into two pairs. You will be asked to place an additional wager (equal to your original bet) if you chose to split the cards into two different pairs.

You will draw one card for each pair and you basically have two pairs of cards; both of them can be used to beat the dealer. Choose one that has better value.

Now, if you got two ace cards and you chose to split, you will only receive one card. If you happen to get a face card (which is valued at 10 points), you will get to the number 21 but is not actually a blackjack simply because you made the split (if you didn’t initiate this particular move, you would have won the game if you got the said pair of cards).

4) Double

At the start of every blackjack game, the dealer will ask you to place down your original wager. After receiving your cards, you will be given the option to double down on your original bet. If you decide to do this, you will get an additional card and the stakes of the game are so much higher than before. Keep in mind that if you lose, the hurt is even more intense.

5) Insurance Bet

The dealer, in the event that they get an ace card, can offer you the insurance bet. This pays 2-1 which basically means that even if you lose the game, you will still get your original wager back.

Whether you want to take it or not is your choice (though most professional players would advise you from taking the said offer).

6) Side Bet

A side bet in blackjack is a wager which unlocks an extra game mode where you get an alternative pair of cards. Even if your original hand doesn’t win, the next pair of cards might.

7) 10-card Charlie

It is actually possible for the player to get 10 cards in total if they decide to hit on each turn. The 10-card Charlie will practically make the player win the game because you can get a much better pair than the dealer’s (though this is a very rare occurrence and not likely to happen).