Working and studying 24/7 can be very exhausting for some people. Being committed takes up a lot of your mental and physical energy. When the Monday blues loom over the rest of the week, it’s tempting to veg out—curled up on the couch, loading away calories, TV remote in hand. Weekends are great for recharging our batteries for the next week and unwinding in the best manner imaginable. 

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Even playing online casino or judi online in Malaysia is considered as interesting. Here are 8 interesting things that you can do on weekend, either alone or accompanied by your family and friends:

  1.       Gardening

Gardening can be hard for some people as you will have to buy soil, fertilizers, seeds and also the equipment you will need. Usually, elderly will love to relax on the weekend by gardening because it helps to sweat and also it is very satisfying to see your flowers or vegetables growing as the day goes by.

  1.       Visiting zoo or wildlife centre

You might think it is only for kids and family but it is actually for all. Some people find it calming whenever they go for a walk and see animals or even feed them. Get out of your bed and go see nature as you will have a change of view and help to free your mind from stressful work.

  1.       Baking

This is one of the interesting things to do on weekends because you will get to spend your time with your family or friends and get your eyes off your smartphone screen. You can also bake new food or dessert that you found on the internet and eat them as a reward.

  1.       Read books

Usually, if you are naturally a bookworm, reading books on weekends may be the best thing that you can ever do. But there are people who are not used to reading books and find it hard to do so. Don’t stress yourself trying to read a thick book but you can read magazines instead.

  1.       Vacation

Going on a vacation must be on your weekend go-to list because who doesn’t love vacation, right? You don’t have to plan an overseas trip for weekends but you can travel to other states in your country and try their food, go to their interesting places or even just sleep in the hotel. It helps to free your mind and gives you a different environment and surroundings.

  1.       Hiking

For someone who loves nature and sport, hiking is an activity where you can do both. You can start hiking early in the morning to see the sunrise and it is colder to hike in the morning than having to be under the scorching sun.

  1.       Get creative

Getting creative might need you to think but it is not a serious thinking time. Your creativity can be very useful especially when your working nature requires creativity. It helps you to think out of the box and be more flexible with everything that you have around you.

  1.       Have a picnic

Having a picnic with your family members or friends on weekends is actually very interesting. At the end of the week, you will have something else to think about other than having to think about work. You can have a picnic by the beach, at an open field or even at your backyard.