Men’s watches in Malaysia come in all shapes and sizes. There are some that have a pretty simple design and there are some that are designed for use in the most rugged and harshest conditions, and there are some that are deemed worthy of everything in between.

Because of the recent advancements in technology, the sale of watches has dropped considerably thanks (or no thanks) in large part due to the proliferation of mobile phones.

True enough, even the cheapest phones can tell the time. A lot of millennials question if there are still indeed some reasons why you need to wear a wristwatch since there is already a gadget that can help you tell the time.

To be honest, despite the fact that smartphones do bring a lot of convenience in our life, telling the time is not one of them. There is a reason why the military dropped the use of pocket watches as early as World War II because it is cumbersome to use in certain situations. There is a reason why the wristwatch is born and that is due to the convenience that it can bring.

Even if you are not a watch enthusiast or collector, wearing a wristwatch is still one of the best things that you can do today.

Below are the main reasons why people should wear wristwatches in this generation.

It Provides Convenience

Most people nowadays either put their phones in their pockets or in their bags and if you want to know the time, you have to whip out your phone from these receptacles.

Let me paint you a scenario. Say that you are on a crowded train and you know, for sure, that you are running late. But, how many minutes more do you have until you are considered late? Your compulsion to know the time makes you reach for your smartphone, but under such conditions, you are unable to whip out your phone simply because there are way too many people for you to reach for your mobile device. If you wear a wristwatch, you can easily tell the time by just tilting the watch’s display and that’s it!

Phones Can Easily Be Misplaced

Despite recent developments in phone operating systems where you are able to pinpoint exactly where your phone is, there are some that do not know how to use such a feature. By default, the only way for you to be able to know where your phone is, is if you can remember where you put it.

This is quite troublesome, especially if you just want to know what the time is. Do you know how to solve this problem? That’s right, wear a watch!

Watches Never Go Out of Style

There is a reason why vintage watches sell like high-value commodities and that is because they never go out of style. In fact, it even adds style and prestige for people who are wearing them.

But even if you wear a new wristwatch, it does add style to your game. Just look at someone who is wearing a watch versus someone who doesn’t. I am willing to bet that you will choose someone who does wear a timepiece simply because they have class and style.

They Can Be Great Investments

Like I’ve said, watches can be great investments because if you buy the right watches from reputable brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe, you are assured that you can sell them for a profit in the future. If you do not believe me, look at the online auction.