Why Joining A Book Club Is Not Only For Nerds

In this modern era where everything has been made possible, you’d think that people will stop talking about nerds and their love for books. First of all, not only nerds love reading or collecting books. There are actually many others and what’s wrong if they are athletes or  swimmers? People seem to be surprised that they love to read since those associated with sports are known to be too active to like a passive hobby like reading. Plus, such a hobby should be enjoyed by anyone and calling them nerds just for it is very childish. There’s nothing wrong with whatever they prefer to do during their free time. This includes joining a book club. Here are some of the reasons why joining a book club is not only for the nerds.

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Making New Friends

Most people thought that nerds are introverts who wear spectacles and those who read in the corner by themselves. That image is so old-fashioned and insulting since joining a book club allows them to have great communication skills. It even allows them to have new friends since the members of the club would always be increasing as time passes. Hence, they would be making friends and communicating with other people. This is enough to show that a book club is not associated with nerds, but instead social butterflies who mingle and talk to each other even about things other than books. Those who are super friendly and wish to make more friends are welcomed to join the book club. While you exchange books and criticize new books you just read with your club members, you would also talk and chat a lot in the club room.

Involved In Competitions

Another reason why a book club is not only for nerds is because many talented people also join the club. This is because despite the common activities like reading, discussion and book exchange, there are also competitions where they would represent their clubs. Since having reading as a hobby means they would read a lot, it also shows how they would be an all-rounder. This is because most readers read about all topics in general. Being in this club makes you feel influenced to read whatever you can get your hands on, even for something as simple as the back of a juice carton. Due to this reason, members of this club know about many things in general. It makes them confident as they enter the competitions like debate, public speaking and many more. This is even more true if you joined your school book club. There are many competitions you would have to be involved in which not only improve your skills, but also your desire to read. You would have this thirst of knowledge where you want to know about things around you no matter how trivial they seem to be to anyone else.

Last Words

It is hoped that in this digital ocean where forex trading can even be done online through top forex broker vietnam, people would no longer have this assumption that a book club is boring and is only for the nerds.